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unnatural jewellery

with Mel Young and Lauren Simeoni

Sunday 21st October 2012. 10am – 4pm

$155.00 (10% discount for Craft members)

A one day unnatural jewellery workshop with Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young exploring materials & deconstructing the found object.

Participants will be encouraged to experiment with and deconstruct a variety of found materials and reconstruct them into wearable jewellery pieces.

This workshop is presented in conjunction with 2 exhibitions at Craft from 18 October – 1 December 2012 titled unnatural tendencies and unnatural acts

Participants should have some basic jewellery or making experience in other media

Bring along a sketchbook and drawing implements.

Participants are also encouraged to gather a collection of found materials prior to the workshop and bring a selection of these found objects to a shared table.


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