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The Indoor Forest is getting ready for construction

Indoor Forest Northcity4

The building plans and costing are well on their way

In the cold, dark months of winter most plants are resting, but the preparations for the construction of our Indoor Forest are red, hot and happening! The early vision of plants on wheels has developed into detailed plans and drawings of a three part installation, flowing through the entire Northcity4: There’ll be a hanging green island at the (soon to be renovated) kitchen/studio area entrance; a long shelf of succulents at the historical brick wall of the school, and the heart of the project, a large “forest” of different species of plants, rising up in between these spaces.

Along with the priorities of easy maintenance, strong and sustainable materials and maximum air-purifying qualities, our design brief for the works reads “light, airy, lush, contemporary and wild”. Fingers crossed!

The main construction task, for flexibility as well as visual appeal, will be creating the containers to house large pot plants within the main installation. We’re currently chatting with several makers about different possibilities while establishing a solution which fits our interiors and budget the best. At the same time we’re acquiring clientships with reliable wholesale nurseries and beginning to think about the number and variety of greenery to add to our lovingly homegrown samples. Rubber plants, sansevierias, monsteras and many others are on the list.

Would you like to get involved or find out more? Are you a handy person with skills and workshop facilities, and interested in the building side of this project? If so, get in touch with Inari, and keep following our progress in Instagram @the_indoor_forest_project and @Northcity4. Looking forward to showing you some photos as things develop into the construction phase!

Glimpses of dreams – sketches, system considerations and digital renderings for the installation © Inari Kiuru 2016




B_Kitchen view

B_rubber watering demo

B_school view main wall


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