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Tenant’s Lunch

One of the perks of being a tenant at Northcity4 is attending the monthly lunch put on by Ali Limb. Ali prepares a delicious meal for all the tenants and their guests and everyone sits down at our big table to enjoy the food, shoot the breeze and catch up on everyone’s news.

This month we took a trip to Sri Lanka with two vegetarian curries which were perfect for this wet and wintry Friday. Today’s lunch was also a Cook for Your Community fundraiser for the Inner North Foundation and we raised over $60

Each month the lunch is held on a different day of the week so that those of us who aren’t in here full time get to take part every couple of months. Next lunch is on the 23rd July (Ali has an overseas jaunt in June and no one else is game to compete with her culinary expertise!) so if you know one of the tenants bug them for a guest invite so you can come too.


Nicky Hepburn praising the new heater





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