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Do You Copy? (Roger that).
(9 – 24 November 2018)

Do you copy…mimic or appropriate? Has your work been copied?

Roger that:  For TempContemp’s second exhibition, twenty artists from around the world have responded to our call, exploring how copying affects and effects contemporary jewellery practice.

Happenstance and the Zeitgeist, homage (both flattering and unflattering), copying as a learning process; a market and media driven necessity; and the unavoidable result of a physical and digital visual-reference-filled world

We examine an array of imitations within creative practice, including the ethics and realities of authorship, authenticity, research and acknowledgement.

Copying: Excusable? Unremarkable? Or a punishable offence?


TempContemp launched with our inaugural exhibition I Hate Contemporary Jewellery on 24 August 2018 :


I Hate Contemporary Jewellery
(24 August – 8 September 2018)

This exhibition was part of CRAFT CUBED: an examination of our home turf through an open callout and challenge, asking makers and thinkers of Contemporary Jewellery to examine what we each love/hate about our current landscape: To defend it, applaud it, question it, seek to improve, or damn it as they saw fit.



TempContemp is co-curated by Anna Gray and Laila Marie Costa. 

*Developed with Annelies Hofmeyr, over literally hundreds of planning meetings and intense contemporary jewellery discussions*.

These projects have were financially assisted by Moreland City Council’s Arts Investment Grant 2018.