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is a TEMPORARY curatorial project experimenting with the exhibition of CONTEMPORARY jewellery – in other words…there’s a new independent gallery space in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia and we want to show the world ALL the jewellery things!

(Coming Soon…..)
TempContemp will be back in the gallery in May 2019 with
The Urban Gleaner
Curated by Laila Costa and part of the ART+ CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 festival programme…

We envision this space as a pop-up stage for Contemporary Jewellery, during which visitors can delve into the delights of experimental jewellery thoughts, objects and inventions with an emphasis on interactivity between bodies in the space and the works displayed – in other words…we would love a variety of works, activities and discussions around contemporary jewellery. The possibilities are endless so anything remotely related to contemporary jewellery is most welcome!

Our aim in creating TempContemp was to create the exhibition platform we didn’t have – a not-for-profit opportunity to experiment and explore the limits and capacities of ‘jewellery’. To engage new and existing audiences and to champion jewellery as art form and a means of discussion unlimited by the demands of jewellery as just commodity. Our exhibition themes are often political, but we aim to leave the discussion open, to truly see what jewellers themselves are thinking, and how they approach certain themes in their works. And what we’ve received so far has been far richer than we could have imagined!

Our next steps?

To engage and encourage the jewellery-wearer as philosopher and political activist.

To explore Contemporary Jewellery: What is it? Who makes it? Who wears is? What can it be? To examine, and if need be, interrogate the systems that support contemporary jewellery (or hold it back).

To continue to build and strengthen our jewellery community – across the world, across ideas and across the art form, and bring more from the non-jeweller community into the fold.

To throw more killer opening parties, bringing the celebration of art and life to the ‘gallery opening’ and bringing together the art forms of jewellery, music and performance as collaborative celebrations of bodies in space.

For enquiries, please email gallery@northcity4.com

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I Hate Contemporary Jewellery artists: Claire Vaganiance, Ruth Allen, Anna Davern, Kyla Murrihy, Nicole Kaufmann, Lisa Furno, and TempContemp curators: Laila Costa and Anna Gray (with works by Lisa Furno, Anna Börksök, Eve Lam, Matilde Mozzanega, Anna Davern, Laila Marie Costa)

Insecurity Guards, Jana King (left) and Emma Grace (right) (I Hate Contemporary Jewellery – works pictured (L-R) by: Lisa Furno, Anna Börksök, Nicole Kaufmann, Eve Lam, Matilde Mozzanega)

Do You Copy? Roger That. Installation shot.  feat: Eason Gao, Robyn Clarke, Pamela Camille, Amanda Croatto, Pascaline Rey, Emma Grace, Claire McArdle, Bernard Skahill, Veresa Eybl, Sharon Fitness, Vivienne Varay, Tania Cruz, Welfe Bowyer.

Exhibition guide Jessica Phippen (Left) and visitors at I Hate Contemporary Jewellery, 2018. Works pictured by (L-R): Lisa Furno, Claire Vaganiance, Anna Börksök, Nicole Kaufman, Eve Lam, Nóra Tengely, Matilde Mozzanega, Andrea Ortega, Laila Marie Costa, Kyla Murrihy. (Artists not pictured: Anna Davern, Antonia Field, Ayesha Sureya Patel, Enrica Prazzoli, Juliette Claire, Larah Nott, Luke Abbot, Renee Hope, Ruth Allen, Vivien Bedwell, Yaroslava Kellermann)

Installation view Do You Copy, 2018. Feat. (L-R) Anna G., Ana Escobar, Carlo Lucidi, Robyn Clarke, Anna Davern, Jane Bowring, Laila Marie Costa, Yichen (Eason) Gao, Pamela Camille, Amanda Croatto, Pascaline Rey, Emma Grace, Claire McArdle, Bernard Skahill, Veresa Eybl (and out of frame, Sharon Fitness, Vivienne Varay, Tania Cruz, Welfe Bowyer, and Grae)

Opening night performers Golden Shower (I Hate Contemporary Jewellery, 2018)

*photos by Bryony Jackson

TempContemp is co-curated by Anna Gray and Laila Marie Costa. 

*Developed with Annelies Hofmeyr, over literally hundreds of planning meetings and intense contemporary jewellery discussions*.

This project is financially assisted by Moreland City Council’s Arts Investment Grant 2018.