E: info@northcity4.com | T: (03) 9380 6647

Northcity4 is committed to consciously reducing its foot print by considering all materials, supplies and services entering the space as well as measuring all out puts and reducing or off setting negative output wherever possible.

Processes are in place to ensure Northcity4 maintains it’s environmental goals at all times. (Processes to be informed by mapping life cycle)

Individuals endeavour to up hold the Northcity4 processes and principles at all times.

Northcity4 strives to positively influence its suppliers, students, supporters and wider community.

What we are doing:

  • 100% green gas

    brooch: Caz Guiney

  • 25% Green electricity
  • Extraction unit for improved air quality
  • Plants for improved air quality – stage 1 propogation
  • Vegie box for relaxation and food
  • Recycled and reclaimed building materials – where possible
  • Measuring energy usage
  • Mapping the life cycle of Northcity4

What we aspire to do:

  • Best environmental studio practise
  • 100% wind power
  • Influence jewellery makers & suppliers
  • Plants to improve air quality – stage 2 establish & maintain
  • Metal drop point for refining and reuse
  • Packaging collection point
  • Offer bike parking & out door green space