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Pozible Success!!!

If you’ve been following Northcity4 on Facebook, you’ll know that we have been drumming up support for a pozible campaign for a mentoring project between Northcity4’s Ali Limb and jeweller Emma Grace. The great news is that we’ve hit our target! Even better news is that you can still pledge your support. Quoting from Emma herself on her event page:

KA-POW!!! We’ve broken through the initial target – the NorthCity4/Emma Grace residency is GO!

Now that we’ve hit our initial Pozible target of $2210, a whole world of new possibilities has opened up. Read about our exciting new targets below!

So far the campaign is up to $2420. $120 of the extra money will be spent on a GOLD AND SILVER METAL TESTING KIT. It will mean we can test whether a metal is real silver or gold plus the Karat of the gold, making it possible to use second hand jewellery and reclaimed metals.

Our next goal is to raise a further $500 to create a SUSTAINABLE JEWELLERY GUIDE. This will include information about materials for making and producing jewellery, a list of suppliers and documentation of our research into ‘sustainable studios’, including alternatives to common chemicals. We’re really passionate about making our findings publicly available to help other new and existing jewellers transition towards more sustainable products and businesses too.

This means we just have to raise a further $410 in the remaining 8 days of the campaign. We’d love your help with this so please share our Facebook event, forward on this email, tell your friends and help make this goal a reality!


Please visit the pozible page, check out the great rewards you can receive and consider supporting this great project.

Before embarking on this joint mentoring project at NC4, Ali Limb decided to quiz Emma Grace on where she is at in her career and what is important to her.

Emma Grace in New York City

How did you discover Jewellery as your preferred medium?

For me, jewellery is the perfect combination of fashion and art – both of which I love. At school I was always into sculpture and being creative with what I wore, but it wasn’t until my first year at university that I discovered how much I loved making jewellery.

What, where and when did you study?

A Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Jewellery Design at the University of South Australia (in Adelaide), 1998-2001.

Emma’s workbench

Who or what inspires you to make things?

All sorts of things inspire me – my inspirations are constantly changing. Recently I have been incredibly inspired by collaborating with other artists – the way they work, the colours, forms and textures they use and most importantly, their approach to creativity. For my latest exhibition at e.g.etal, How the Light Gets In, I worked with seven wonderful artists from a diverse range of disciplines, giving me new insights and inspiration to take forward into my new work.

How the Light Gets In. Object by Nicholas Jones and Emma Grace, Earrings by Ellie Mucke and Emma Grace, & Neckpiece by Kate Tucker and Emma Grace

What have been some of the challenges in your career so far?

There have been times over the last decade where I’ve worried that I wouldn’t continue to find inspiration or feel creative. Obviously this is a significant challenge as a professional jeweller whose business depends on the development of new ideas and designs in order to survive and flourish.

How have you overcome these?

I have learnt that allowing myself time for ‘play’ is crucial to creativity. I have Crafternoons with friends, get creative in the kitchen and garden and make small objects. Sometimes this seems too good to be true, but that’s why I chose the profession in the first place.

What are some of the rewards?

As above! For me, spending time making things is its own reward.

I just love it.

It’s also pretty cool to be able to wear the things I make, or create something special at the last minute to wear out on a weekend.

Oxidised sterling silver and natural crystal earrings by Emma Grace

How has your interest in the environment influenced or informed your work?

Despite being a passionate greenie my whole life, it didn’t actually occur to me to incorporate sustainability into my practice until about five years ago. I used to see jewellery and sustainability as quite separate things. Since my light bulb moment, I have been gradually changing my practice to reflect my values. In 2009 I set up The Treasury – a jewellery up-cycling workshop aimed at empowering people to be ‘fashionably’ sustainable. And now I’m about to embark on my biggest challenge yet – to research, develop and make the most sustainable collection of jewellery possible! Check out the campaign www.pozible.com/nc4 and help this project happen.

Sculpture by Chaco Kato and Emma Grace

What is your favourite object & why?

My (latest) favourite object is a little luck charm a friend brought me back from South America. It’s a beautiful miniature world of symbols and colour. I also love it for the fact that it’s made with recycled materials. The colours were an inspiration for the new collection of jewellery Ellie Mücke and I have designed together called Mücke & Grace. This new work will be available at Craft from Nov 1.

South American lucky charm


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