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Personal Properties Securities Act

Attention jewellers and small object makers! Do you know how much the value of your consigned stock is? What would happen if you lost this?


We recently reported over on facebook, about the new Personal Properties Securities Act which basically means that if a gallery that sells your work on consignment goes bankrupt, the consignment goods are seen as belonging to the gallery and not to you!

The wonderful folks at the National Association for the Visual Arts have also reported on this Act and have included a link to where you can register your ownership of your goods with the government.

I’ve had a look at it and it’s complicated and, while not expensive, has a cost.

I commented on the NAVA article and they’ve posted some clear steps to take in their response. They also plan to run an event for artists to give more information about the Act and what can be done protect artists’ works.

Katherine Bowman and I are sitting here registering on-line right now!







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