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In February 2013 NC4 hosted an Exhibition, Forum & workshop called Once More With Love as part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

Once More with love, curated and executed by artists Suse Scholem & Simon Cottrell was a project designed to raise awareness and action about sustainability in the jewellery industry.

once more with love forum

The forum in the Northcity4 education space


Suse Scholem second left and Simon Cottrell far right

From the original post about Once More With Love:

Northcity4 is excited to host Once More With Love as our first project for 2013. Once More, With Love is a not-for-profit travelling jewellery exhibition exploring concepts of sustainability, recycling and ethical production. As well as the exhibition, Northcity4 will be hosting a conversation forum on Saturday 16th Feburary from 1pm-5pm and a weekend workshop on 23/24 February.

OMWL is the brainchild of Suse Scholem and her co-curator Simon Cottrell. Suse was inspired by the activities of the American group Ethical Metalsmiths, who have significantly increased ethical/sustainability awareness in the American jewellery industry.

The project involves over 30kg of unwanted jewellery items donated by the Australian public which have been reworked ‘with love’ by a diverse selection of twenty one contemporary jewellers. The works created for Once More, With Love propose a potential new life cycle for materials, while creating space for reflecting on their origins. The project is an opportunity for people to experience what creative minds can do with recycled materials in an everyday studio context.

The participating jewellers, all with a previous interest in ethical making and recycled materials, have each been given a ‘mystery’ bag of recycled goods and a challenge. The challenge was to use mostly these various bits, ranging from precious metals and stones to wood, plastic and costume, to create new contemporary jewellery pieces.

Once More, With Love has been shown previously at Studio 20/17 in Sydney and Gallery Bilk in Canberra. The exhibition concludes at Northcity4, so it will be your last chance to see it.

Many people are unaware of the darker side of jewellery production – the ethical issues, including the exploitation of workers, damage to the environment, resource depletion, as well as health issues for jewellers themselves.

The Once More, With Love project was conceived with the aim of bringing together a breadth of community to enter a dialogue around sustainable/ethical practice.

artist: Jill Hermans


artist: Mark Vaarwerk

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