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Northcity4 is an artist run initiative encompassing a shared jewellery and object studio and education program in a healthy professional workspace.

As jewellery and object makers we acknowledge that we impact on the environment through our use of precious metals, gems, chemicals and other materials. We also recognise that NC4 has further impacts on the environment through its operation and wider education initiatives.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through responsible purchasing, efficient and effective energy use, awareness of our resources and business operation, avoiding waste, continuous learning and ongoing collaboration with our stakeholders.

Our environmental policy is based on:

  • Setting clear environmental goals
  • Our commitment to responsible jewellery & object making – as an organisation & as individuals
  • Actively involving & motivating our tenants in NC4 green initiatives
  • The aim to shape and influence industry best practise

Our environmental policy goals:

Map and monitor all environmental impacts of the business

  • Ongoing & new projects
  • Integrate environmental objectives into business decisions and processes in a cost effective manner.
  • Engage all colleagues to address environmental responsibilities within the framework of normal operating procedures. This includes NC4 tenants, students, supporters, clients, visitors and suppliers.


Minimise waste to landfill through comprehensive waste management systems.

  • Recycle & reuse all metal products
  • Recycling all paper & plastic products
  • Organic waste disposal through worm farm
  • Responsible disposal of all other waste including E-waste


Purchase energy from renewable sources


Purchase environmentally sustainable and non toxic products for cleaning, office supplies and toilet paper. Use recycled and reclaimed building materials where possible


Promote sustainable transport options – NC4 bikes


Enhance awareness of environmental issues among community through seminars, workshops and installations.


Develop best practice guidelines for purchasing, reusing, recycling and disposing of all materials.

We shall promote these guiding principles among all those who take part in our organisation; jewellery and object makers, associations, clients, workshop participants, visitors, sponsors, suppliers and the wider community, and share the passion of our profession:

Our continuous efforts and results will be published each year in an environmental statement that will be made available on our website for all those concerned.

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