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Northcity4 Needs You!

Northcity4 is on the hunt for some new board members.

applications due November 30

We are looking for people to join us to help shape the future of Melbourne’s contemporary jewellery community.

Northcity4 is a large shared jewellery and object studio and gallery and is also an exciting hub for Melbourne’s contemporary jewellery community. Northcity4 is community-minded, friendly, generous, inclusive, sustainability-focussed, inspiring, and lots of fun!

Board members are involved in maintenance and running of the studios as well as devising, planning and executing the creative projects, workshops and social events that define Northcity4.

We are looking for community minded people who have a passion for contemporary jewellery. You could be a maker or a non-maker, an established artist or a recent graduate, but you must have a desire to contribute to what contemporary jewellery in Melbourne could be.

About Northcity4

  • Northcity4 is centrally located in Brunswick, Melbourne.
  • The studio space is bright, and open plan with an Indoor Forest creating a calming and healthy professional environment.
  • There are 14 permanent studio spaces, two benches for 6-12 month residencies and projects, and five bench spaces that can be rented on a daily basis.
  • We have a fully equipped jewellery workshop that is available to use by anyone working in the space.
  • There are two large shared jewellery benches that can accommodate 10 students in technical workshops.
  • Northcity4 operates TempContemp, a small formal gallery space in the studio, that is co-curated by a board member
  • Northcity4 has a prominent façade in a busy location that has hosted creative installations.

The Northcity4 board has worked hard to foster a community of engagement amongst the artists working at the studio and the working atmosphere is one of dedication and congeniality.

Northcity4 is a not-for-profit organisation and is governed by a board of five people. Current board members are Anna Davern, Anna Gray, Caz Guiney, Ali Limb and Andrew Phillips. It is with much sadness that we announce that Ali Limb will be resigning at the end of February 2019. Ali is a founding member of Northcity4 and she will be sorely missed. She has made the difficult and sad decision to move on due to other work commitments.

If you believe that you could contribute to and benefit from being involved with Northcity4 then please let us know by sending us a two-page application. Please email your application by November 30. New board appointments will start in February 2019.

  • On page one give us a sense of who you are and what you might have to offer the organisation
  • On page two give us an idea of what you think Northcity4 could be and what it could offer to you and Melbourne’s contemporary jewellery community.

Expectations of board members of Northcity4

  • Have an enthusiasm for contemporary jewellery and object and craft, and a commitment to the values of community
  • Advocate for Northcity4 as a community hub for contemporary jewellery and object
  • Contribute to the Governance of NC4 by working with other board members to establish and fulfil broad policies & objectives
  • Ensure legal and duty of care obligations are met
  • Actively facilitate activities that connect Northcity4 with the jewellery community and general public
  • Be willing to share networks and expertise, as appropriate
  • Maintain the community goodwill at Northcity4
  • Attend at least 4 meetings per year
  • General care, consideration and engagement with the Northcity4 tenants, including occasional studio visits
  • Assistance with Northcity4 public events


  1. I am a collector of contemporary jewellery .My Austrian grandmother had antique shop tat focused on jewellery .In the year 2000.i decided to start a collection of Australian contemporary jewellery it is my passion I am 53 have always taught art and practised art mymost recent show was at Chapman and Bailey .inthis show I incorporated my own silver sculptures displayed on tiny shelves . I understand working in communities with art as I have 30 years of working on art projects .I understand the importance of supporting artists in their work environment and practice .I worked alongside many practising artists in studios in Fitzroy Preston and now in Thornbury I have worked with women experiencing Trauma through both war and domestic violence.i love working with and supporting artists in a caring but unobtrusive way . Please -allow me to assist you in any way possible as I believe Northcity4 is unique environmentally aware creative hub full of wonderful passionate human beings working together .Australian contemporary jewellery is truly magnificent lets get behind it

    • Anna

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your message, if you’re interested in joining the board then you are most welcome to submit an application.
      Regards, Anna

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