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Northcity4 is presenting our next seminar on Thursday 6th October 2014.

We are pretty excited about this one, as it will be focusing on jewellery and adornment. It is called Jewellery 3 Ways. The three speakers on the night are: Jane Laver, Maree Clarke and Manon van Kouswijk. More information on the seminar will follow over the next couple of months.

This week, one of the speakers, Maree Clarke, is in an exhibition, presented by Vivien Anderson Gallery, at Forty Five Downstairs. The exhibition, NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST, Contemporary Indigenous Art from the Torres Strait, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and the East Kimberly opens this Tuesday and looks like it will be an inspiring exhibition. It runs from the 5th August to the 16th August 2014. We look forward to hearing Maree Clarke, (as well as Jane Laver and Manon van Kouswijk) speak on her work and practice this October at NC4.

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