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New Window Installation launch – Marcos Guzman

Future Plants and Flora Project (FPFP)

By Marcos Guzman

Flower Pic 2

On October 9th a colourful hanging garden of synthetic plants and flowers will sprout from Northcity4’s façade at 61 Weston Street Brunswick.

This installation will consist of several “new species” of hand made plants and flowers using recycled plastic containers.

Marcos Guzman the artist behind this exotic garden, draws his inspiration from the ancient wonders of The Hanging gardens of Babylon and in contrast, a more contemporary source, Comme des Garcons otherworldly fragrance that aims to emulate the scent of an unknown artificial flower from an alien environment.

Marcos investigates the potential of recycled plastic materials to emulate the natural form of plants and flora. The bottles and containers were previously formed to hold substances, now they will undergo the “blooming” process of transformation and adaptation into a new environment.

What: Future Plants and Flora Project (FPFP) by Marcos Guzman

Where: Northcity4 façade 61 Weston Street Brunswick

When: Opens October 9th – Dec 9th 2014

Open: 24 hours

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