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mehrnoosh ganji

 “My jewellery reflects curiosity, passion and ambition with a burst of creativity. I create the correlation between eastern and western culture in my work.”

Born and raised with both Eastern and Western influences, Mehrnoosh Ganji, the founder of Mehr Atelier, who has an industrial design background successfully honed her natural ability in jewellery design when she completed her Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology: Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2014.

She does not simply create jewellery, She creates pieces for collectors who want something special to enjoy and treasure. Her pieces are not only eye-catching but also functional, even playful. She designs communicational, interactional and multifunctional pieces that have themes and tell stories and encourage the wearer to discover the story.

She incorporates motives and patterns inspired by architecture, nature and geometry and uses gold and silver as her main medium along with precious and semiprecious gemstones and enamel and applies traditional and modern techniques and technologies to create contemporary pieces of jewellery.

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