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Pearl Threading Workshop this weekend

Ever wondered how to string a necklace together?

Stuck for innovative christmas gifts for loved ones?

Have a box full of beads that you do not know what to do with?

Well this is the workshop for you.

This one-day workshop is geared towards the novice as well as the experienced craft person to introduce and clarify existing pearl threading techniques. A selection of beads will be available to purchase on the day but participants are also welcome to bring in their own beads. And we encourage you to vista Angela Clark’s business Boutique Beads prior to the workshop for further inspiration and design ideas.

We sent our intrepid reporter, Katherine Bowman, to put some hard hitting questions to the tutor of the workshop, Angela Clark.

beaded neckpiece by Angela Clark

Beaded neckpiece by Angela Clark

Can you tell us how you got involved in the jewellery business?

My jewellery business came from a number if things but most of all I wanted to provide previously unseen beadable goodies to like minded people who wanted to make beautiful unique pieces of jewellery. I also wanted to provide product knowledge and great customer service. It was and still is important to me that people can touch the products they are going to create with, spread it out, ask questions etc.

Where did your interest in beads and beading techniques come from?

My interest in jewellery making came from a life spent creating things with my hands. From as young as I can remember I was making “craft” of some kind. Sewing, embroidery , knitting….. Anything I could get my hands on. I started playing around with beads again when my 4th child was small and realized what fantastic beadable goodies the world had on offer… My journey began.

How long have you run Boutique Beads, your store in North Fitzroy?

I have had the shop for almost 7 years.

Can you tell us a little about the workshops that you run with different community groups?

My journey into beading continually unfolds, and as it happens all too often someone accidentally stumbled on my shop and asked if I’d think about running a workshop for marginalized youth, 5 years on I’m still working with that organization and dozens more.

The groups vary and these days I teach them how to create their own beads from paper, sometimes telling a story, writing affirmations, photos or old concert tickets or just wrapping paper… Then rolling it into beads and stringing it into some wearable work of art.

How did you get involved in this type of work?

My involvement came through a woman taking a wrong turn and ending up in front of my shop! We got talking and the rest is history! I still do work with that original organization 5 years down the track, and word of mouth has seen me teach in dozens of places ranging from Geelong grammar school to the elderly to marginalized youth, aboriginal elders and even a trip to Ethiopia to assist with young jewelry makers there.

My involvement with this sort of work is so important to me. To watch people enjoy the freedom and self esteem that comes with creating something beautiful; often from something humble like paper that we just take for granted.

Angela Clark working with the women at the Greek Welfare Society

Paper jewellery made by Angela’s students at a YWCA workshop

Paper bracelet made by a student from one of Angela’s workshops

Do you have favourite type of bead?

My favorite beads are the vintage plastic beads. I have still got quite a collection. The colors and shapes and feel of old plastics is something special for me. These beads were made popular and became quite common during and after the war, jewellery made with them must have had such a pick me up effect during that time…and that makes me smile!


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