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Humphrey is on Strike!

Humphrey is on strike! Disillusioned by the lack of support he receives from the Facebook community he has downed tools (he hadn’t done a Tool of the Week for two weeks and no one even mentioned it!). So, we’ve dragged Milly out of retirement to present this week’s tool but if you want Humphrey back, you have to ‘like’ us on Facebook and SHARE THIS POST!


Milly is recovering from a painful visit to the dentist so she has an intimate knowledge of the flexible drive. Out of sight is the foot pedal which directs the hanging motor to drive a spinning hand piece via the flexible shaft. Various tools can be attached to the handpiece including drill bits, burrs, cratex wheels and tiny polishing mops to clean up your jewellery. Want to know more? Enrol in our beginners jewellery classes starting in February!


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