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The Good Room and Renew | Restore | Respect

The Good Room were the creative crew who filmed our most recent Seminar; RENEW | RESTORE | RESPECT held at Northcity4 on 20th Feb, 2014. We have published the films of the three speakers on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure! We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our soon to be nearby neighbours Gracie, Agostino, Katrina & Kathryn from The Good Room. We love their work and wish them well with the next steps of The Good Room.


1. What happens / will happen in The Good Room?

The Good Room Brunswick East is a gallery for documentary and for the exploration of society and a creative space for storytelling. The Good Room Brunswick East will contain our office, analogue processing darkroom, interview and recording booth for the production of oral history interviews, podcasts and audio documentaries, computer facilities for editing and the creation of projects, film to digital transfer, gallery space and a small roof top garden. This space will enable us to create, capture and celebrate the stories, which make local and broader Australian culture and to promote storytelling and memory. Our events and exhibition-related programs will include the performance of music (traditional, jazz, classical), storytelling, cabaret, dance, cuisine, lectures and film. Regular workshops teach you how to use our facilities and other basic technology to facilitate a sharing of personal history and human experience.

For now though, our services include in-home family history archiving, transfer of 8mm, 16mm and tape footage to digital, family history projects, oral history-based project production, film and photographic services and special occasion event planning.

The Good Room plans to become a hive for storytelling!

2. Who is involved and what are your roles?

We are a small team with a varied skill base – Gracie is a photographer and photo-journalist, Agostino, our resident film maker, head of research, Katrina is a qualified archaeologist with a Masters degree in cultural heritage, and grounding the whole production is our events coordinator, Kathryn, who has coordinated The Home Show and The Mind Body Spirit Festival amongst other major events around Melbourne and beyond.

3. What inspired you to create a physical space for The Good Room and how will people interact with this space?

We are excited about the prospect of reactivating a previously disused building, one of the first in the area, and we sincerely hope we become a valued contributor to the culture of this amazing community. We look forward to creating a place where people can engage with members of their own community that perhaps they wouldn’t ordinarily have an opportunity to.



4. You sound like a bunch of talented people – can you describe some of the projects you work on?

As a group, we create community projects, family history projects, and audio-visual documentary-style presentations to communicate memory, experience and heritage. We work with individuals, family groups, social and cultural groups, not for profit organisations and anyone who has a story that needs to be communicated.

We use oral testimonies, news media, photography and film to develop exhibitions, public art projects and events that appeal to a diverse, local community. Our approach is to ground our content in critical thought, fairness and research to tell a story, which builds on the audience, understands.

We produce small-scale interpretive projects for community museums, compile stories of personal heritage and create public art instillations. This year, you can see some of our projects in and around Melbourne. In October, we will be screening our ‘Building Blocks’ projects, produced during this year’s Sydney Road Festival and featuring local faces of all ages and our Remembrance Day project will be screened at Federation Square on the 11th November.

Keep your eyes peeled for our portraiture project in and around the suburbs of greater Melbourne commencing in 2016.

5. How do you see the Good Room contributing to / interacting with the local community?

We see our role in the community as one of a facilitator, where we provide the space and the facilities for a sharing of the Australian experience. We believe that society benefits when connections are made and understood between the past and the present, the individual and the collective.

And our ultimate vision is for us to tell the stories, which see our society as a collective of diaspora- fluid, developing and uniquely moulded within the Australian context. In this way, all Australian histories and perspectives are recognised as equal shapers of Australian heritage.

Visit The Good Room Facebook page to see some more of their great work and keep informed about their plans.

We look forward to checking out The Good Room when things kick off in East Brunswick.



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