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Emma Grace/Northcity4 Pozible update

Emma Grace is working hard and having fun at her Northcity4 studio  – the place is a buzz and we want to share the developments that YOU, our Pozible supporters, made possible!

Emma Grace – New Jewellery Collection

While developing her new designs, Emma has made some great progress in researching what a sustainable collection of jewellery will look like, in terms of both materials and processes.

So far Emma has:

  • Researched materials – precious and non-precious
  • Researched production methods – both hand and machine
  • Developed prototypes for new collection – playing with colour & form
  • Moved into Northcity4 as a permanent tenant! (This was not part of the Pozible campaign but well worth celebrating!)

This new collection of jewellery will be made from recycled silver and gold, as well as industrial off-cuts, reclaimed jewellery and textiles, among other things.

To give you a taste of what’s to come here is an insight into the development of this new work.

emma g

A sneak preview of Emma Grace’s new sustainable jewellery range

Special request – jewellery recycling call-out

Emma would like to take this opportunity to put a call out for silver jewellery so she can refine it to be used in this collection. If you have any old jewellery that is broken, damaged or just plain ugly, and you would like to give it a new life, Emma will gratefully accept your donations. Please send it to: Emma Grace, 61 Weston Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056. Email Emma if you would like her to send you a self-addressed post pack, otherwise if you are in Melbourne she’s happy to collect it.

Northcity4 – Studio project

Ali and Emma have also been working on actions and initiatives to make Northcity4 a more sustainable studio and will soon be collating all the information into a report.

So far they have:

  • Developed an Environmental Policy
  • Conducted a studio waste audit
  • Developed a Green Procurement Policy
  • Begun research into our supply chain.

With so much happening, the time has positively flown! So much so that they have decided to extend the project by one month until the end of May.

It has been such a wonderful learning journey for Emma and Ali over the past 6 months and this would not have been possible if it weren’t for our wonderful Pozible supporters!


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