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Dale Hardiman – Irregular Formation

Dale Hardiman? We think he’s Ace! This post is a bit of a poke so you will get yourself over here to enrol in his workshop this weekend. Dale makes amazing stuff from a strange but beautiful non-toxic and biodegradable bioplastic. He makes homewares and recently he has become a jeweller!! Yay, more jewellers!

Pogle bangles from Dale’s website

Come and learn how to make things from this really easy to use material and when you arrive you can check out his installation, Irregular Formation, that he built at Northcity4 last weekend.

Dale wanted to embellish the NC4 facade with an organic structure to house our ever fluctuating selection of plants.


He combined his signature bioplastic with a selection of handsome sticks & branches collected from Maldon in central Victoria to build a sculptural structure.

As Dale worked on Saturday out the front of NC4 in the beating heat, friends and strangers popped in to see what he was up to, offer advice & on some occasions lend a hand.


By 3pm there was a quirky and friendly structure guarding over what remains of our potted garden (a few not so friendly types have helped themselves to our flowering orchids, succulents not to mention 3 large pots of bamboo in the past)

photo copy 2

Thanks Dale for sharing your skills and including us and our visitors in your assemblage. Stay tuned as the structure may continue to grow in coming weeks.

photo copy 4

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