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City Loop Collab

Exciting projects are happening in the Northcity4 studio after dark!

Romani Benjamin and Andrew Phillips are taking over the workshop at night to foster a new collaborative project called City Loop Collab.  It has aspirations to be an ongoing series of globally mobile outdoor projection events that engage with the surfaces of the urban landscape and the people that live amongst them.

Romani and Andrew met at Northcity4 and found an immediate connection with the ideas inherent in their respective practices. Romani is an artist whose plural practice draws together cast glass, works on paper and experimental projection and is a board member and studio space tenant at Northcity4. Andrew is a multimedia artist and animator and is also the brains behind Northcity4’s graphic identity and website.

The projection work employs a fluid layering of aesthetic genres and cultural references such as video, drawing and installation with twentieth century art movements, advertising and popular psychology.


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