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Humphrey’s Tool of the Week – the dustmask

For this week’s tool of the week Humphrey would like to present another item of PPE; this time it is the dust mask. He admits it may not be flattering but it does protect your lungs from particle dust when polishing, sanding and filing. He does ask you to remember that it doesn’t protect you from toxic chemicals and for that you need a respirator mask
HTOTW 130506

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week – Safety Glasses

Humphrey loves it when people engage with his posts on Facebook but he does want to point out to Roslyn Peric that the drop saw wasn’t plugged in at the time and he was just there to look good. Hence there was no need for PPE. But he did love the suggestion so this week he would like to present one of the most important items of Personal Protective Equipment, the safety glasses. Protect your eyes and use them often. Thanks to Inari for the props.
HTOTW 130429

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week – The Drop Saw

It’s sharp, it’s noisy and it gets the job done fast. The drop saw is very useful for cutting up the building materials from the old office and transforming them into partitions and bookshelves.

This fabulous piece of equipment lives at Northcity4 but no-one quite knows where it came from. Was it yours? Did you donate it? Please let us know so that we can thank you appropriately!

HTOTW 130415

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week – Ear Muffs

Not one to sit on the sidelines while there’s work to be done (particularly when it comes to assisting in the kitchen) Humphrey enjoyed giving Robbie a paw during our recent renovations. He insisted on presenting his earmuffs as his tool this week (he says it’s because they were so useful when the power tools were in use, but we think it’s because he knows they make him look quite fetching!)

HTOTW 130408

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week – Robbie Rowlands!

Robbie Rowlands is an excellent friend of Northcity4. Way back when we started he installed our fabulous new roof insulation, he also built our most excellent benches for jewellery classes and now he has helped us demolish the old office in preparation for our updated project space, AND used the materials from the old office to build us some rockin’ new shelves and partitions.

He really is a most useful tool indeed! (he’s also a brilliant artist – go have a look)

Thanks Robbie, we love you.


Humphrey’s (S)tool of the Week!

Humphrey says your bum needs a good tool too. Sitting at the bench can be hard on your back, neck and shoulders and if you’re sitting on a stool like this, you won’t last long! The three rules for choosing your chair? Adjustable! Adjustable! Adjustable!

HTOTW 200211

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week – The Ultrasonic

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week this week is The Ultrasonic cleaner. And here is Humphrey doing a really good impression of what it would feel like inside the ultrasonic. How it works is all very scientific and technical and involves “implosions” but when Humphrey explained it to me I went and made a cup of tea and decided I liked the idea that it was magic instead. You put water, ultrasonic cleaning fluid and your jewellery inside it and turn it on and voila! It magically cleans all the polishing compound from your jewellery after polishing as well as the soapy, dirty gunk that accumulates in jewellery when it’s worn. woof!

HTOTW 130211

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week is back for 2013

Humphrey’s Tool of the Week returns for 2013! He’s freshly groomed and excited about introducing you to a new range of tools this year. Today’s tool suggestion comes from Sam Mertens who was eager to show off his collection of pin vices. Sam used to work in some secret government laboratory before converting to jewellery and he saved this box of tools from a life of drudgery and now they are used in a creative capacity! So, a pin vice is used to hold onto something that is difficult to hold on to. You put the thing in the chuck and tighten the grip using the screw. Simple!

HTOTW 130204



Humphrey’s Tool of the Week – Gas Regulators

Yay! Humphrey’s back! He agreed on the condition that he could wear the hat!For his last Tool Of The Week for 2012 Humphrey would like to talk about the gas pressure regulators. The little torch (HTOTW 15/8/12) runs on a mix of oxy and LPG. These gasses generally come in a cylinder stored under high pressure and the regulators are used to dampen the pressure from the gas cylinders so that the torch can make a usable flame.
Humphrey, Milly and everyone at Northcity4 would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and safe festive season and we look forward to seeing you in 2013.
HTOTW 121224

Humphrey is on Strike!

Humphrey is on strike! Disillusioned by the lack of support he receives from the Facebook community he has downed tools (he hadn’t done a Tool of the Week for two weeks and no one even mentioned it!). So, we’ve dragged Milly out of retirement to present this week’s tool but if you want Humphrey back, you have to ‘like’ us on Facebook and SHARE THIS POST!


Milly is recovering from a painful visit to the dentist so she has an intimate knowledge of the flexible drive. Out of sight is the foot pedal which directs the hanging motor to drive a spinning hand piece via the flexible shaft. Various tools can be attached to the handpiece including drill bits, burrs, cratex wheels and tiny polishing mops to clean up your jewellery. Want to know more? Enrol in our beginners jewellery classes starting in February!