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Cara Johnson – Walking Distance

Northcity4 Window Project: Feb 8th – April 5th

Cara Johnson installation NC4

Cara Johnson is currently a second year Gold and Silversmithing student at RMIT.  Northcity4 invited Cara to present a new installation piece to coincide with our seminar: Renew Restore Respect, to be held at Northcity4 on Thursday 20 February 2014, from 6-8pm.

Both the seminar and Cara’s window & gate installation Walking Distance are being staged as part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2014.

Cara was invited to be involved in this project as her work and practice show great respect and consideration for the natural world. Found and collected leaves, pods, shells, are often the starting point for Cara’s jewellery practice, best realized in sensitive drawings and paintings found in her sketchbooks. From this initial recorded investigation, Cara then makes often, unexpected departures, creating unique and dynamic works.




Cara’s Artist Statement for this project, reflects this approach:

Nothing in nature is still, it changes and adapts from moment to moment.

I wanted to explore the intricacies of the Australian Bush that I observe when walking near my place. The movement, the shapes, the colours, the light, the sounds and the irregular wonky beauty. Its the unexpected parts of nature that I find the most interesting, the ugly bits. 

In this work I hope to evoke the connection we have to nature and and how precious this is. 



Using found wire from within walking distance of where she lives, Cara has transformed discarded wax coated cardboard boxes (which are difficult to recycle at the best of times), into an installation, composed of multiple parts which will adorn both the front window at Northcity4 as well as the side entrance gate. Because of the construction, card suspended on wire, the individual parts will move and change according to the wind and the day.




We invite you to experience this exciting installation by Cara Johnson,

Walking Distance, will be on display from February 8th 2014 – April 5th 2014 and can be viewed at all times of the day.

Visit NC4 or SLF websites for more information.


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