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The Good Room and Renew | Restore | Respect

The Good Room were the creative crew who filmed our most recent Seminar; RENEW | RESTORE | RESPECT held at Northcity4 on 20th Feb, 2014. We have published the films of the three speakers on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure! We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our soon to be nearby neighbours Gracie, Agostino, Katrina & Kathryn from The Good Room. We love their work and wish them well with the next steps of The Good Room.


1. What happens / will happen in The Good Room?

The Good Room Brunswick East is a gallery for documentary and for the exploration of society and a creative space for storytelling. The Good Room Brunswick East will contain our office, analogue processing darkroom, interview and recording booth for the production of oral history interviews, podcasts and audio documentaries, computer facilities for editing and the creation of projects, film to digital transfer, gallery space and a small roof top garden. This space will enable us to create, capture and celebrate the stories, which make local and broader Australian culture and to promote storytelling and memory. Our events and exhibition-related programs will include the performance of music (traditional, jazz, classical), storytelling, cabaret, dance, cuisine, lectures and film. Regular workshops teach you how to use our facilities and other basic technology to facilitate a sharing of personal history and human experience.

For now though, our services include in-home family history archiving, transfer of 8mm, 16mm and tape footage to digital, family history projects, oral history-based project production, film and photographic services and special occasion event planning.

The Good Room plans to become a hive for storytelling!

2. Who is involved and what are your roles?

We are a small team with a varied skill base – Gracie is a photographer and photo-journalist, Agostino, our resident film maker, head of research, Katrina is a qualified archaeologist with a Masters degree in cultural heritage, and grounding the whole production is our events coordinator, Kathryn, who has coordinated The Home Show and The Mind Body Spirit Festival amongst other major events around Melbourne and beyond.

3. What inspired you to create a physical space for The Good Room and how will people interact with this space?

We are excited about the prospect of reactivating a previously disused building, one of the first in the area, and we sincerely hope we become a valued contributor to the culture of this amazing community. We look forward to creating a place where people can engage with members of their own community that perhaps they wouldn’t ordinarily have an opportunity to.



4. You sound like a bunch of talented people – can you describe some of the projects you work on?

As a group, we create community projects, family history projects, and audio-visual documentary-style presentations to communicate memory, experience and heritage. We work with individuals, family groups, social and cultural groups, not for profit organisations and anyone who has a story that needs to be communicated.

We use oral testimonies, news media, photography and film to develop exhibitions, public art projects and events that appeal to a diverse, local community. Our approach is to ground our content in critical thought, fairness and research to tell a story, which builds on the audience, understands.

We produce small-scale interpretive projects for community museums, compile stories of personal heritage and create public art instillations. This year, you can see some of our projects in and around Melbourne. In October, we will be screening our ‘Building Blocks’ projects, produced during this year’s Sydney Road Festival and featuring local faces of all ages and our Remembrance Day project will be screened at Federation Square on the 11th November.

Keep your eyes peeled for our portraiture project in and around the suburbs of greater Melbourne commencing in 2016.

5. How do you see the Good Room contributing to / interacting with the local community?

We see our role in the community as one of a facilitator, where we provide the space and the facilities for a sharing of the Australian experience. We believe that society benefits when connections are made and understood between the past and the present, the individual and the collective.

And our ultimate vision is for us to tell the stories, which see our society as a collective of diaspora- fluid, developing and uniquely moulded within the Australian context. In this way, all Australian histories and perspectives are recognised as equal shapers of Australian heritage.

Visit The Good Room Facebook page to see some more of their great work and keep informed about their plans.

We look forward to checking out The Good Room when things kick off in East Brunswick.



Northcity4 and Sustainability

We recently took the time to reflect on some of the sustainable & social projects Northcity4 has initiated or been involved in since we kicked off two and a half years ago. Looking back it surprised us how much great stuff has happened at NC4 in such a short time.

Anna Davern, our in house web guru, has created a brand new Sustainability webpage for the NC4 website with lots of great information about these projects – check it out here! We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people we have had the opportunity to work with so far.

EMM – activity…

Following on from Roseanne Bartley’s presentation to the EMM group last year, a few folk from the Ethical Makers Movement decided to take a walk in the MCG gardens and participate in Roseanne’s exciting project Seeding the Cloud : A walking work in process. This project has been designed and lead by Roseanne Bartley and people are now seeding all over the country and around the world.

Suse Scholem, fired us up and the group meet at 1.15pm on Platform 1 Jolimont station.

Sustainability seeding the cloud

Suse Scholem reading the instructions to participants in the EMM seeding the cloud event

We walked the perimeter of the park collecting, talking and enjoying the cool grey day.

sustainability seeding the cloud

participants in the EMM seeding the cloud event

sustainability seeding the cloud

Vicki, Regi (with Obi), Suse & Sarah

We managed to collect a substantial amount of plastic loot and a few bags of rubbish to boot.

sustainability seeding the cloud

Obi and the loot

The plastic pieces were then laid out and curated on site into a neckpiece which is looking like the start of something special.

sustainability seeding the cloud

laying out the loot

Due to storm clouds and time restraints this group has planned a second sitting to complete the assemblage of the piece.

Get involved…

If you are interested in being involved with Northcity4 we are currently inviting submissions for our window and gate project – to find out more about the application process please contact ali@northcity4.com

Make your mark here…..




Lost Wax Casting jewellery course

Our latest lost wax casting course is underway and we thought we’d share some images of the great work our students have been making.

Our lost wax casting course is run over 4 weeks and each student is encouraged to experiment and explore different wax working techniques to create original jewellery pieces. Students are also taught how to clean up castings and finish the silver jewelery and most students walk away with rings, earrings and a couple of pendants that are ready to wear. On top of everything else, the class is fun! And, just like all the jewellery courses run at Northcity4, the urn is on the boil and the biscuit jar is full.

This is a great class for the novice as the casting is done at casting businesses in the city, which is an enjoyable way to learn about outsourcing and the jewellery industry. So trips to the city between classes are part of the learning experience.

The next lost wax casting jewellery course starts on Thursday 4th September from 6-9pm.


Rings made by a student in our lost wax casting jewellery course

Rings made by a student in our lost wax casting course

Rings made by a student in our lost wax casting jewellery course

Rings made by a student in our lost wax casting course


a bangle made during our lost wax casting jewellery course

a bangle made during our lost wax casting course

a bangle made during our lost wax casting jewellery course

a bangle made during our lost wax casting course

earrings and a ring made during our lost wax casting jewellery course

earrings and a ring made during our lost wax casting course

earrings made during our lost wax casting jewellery course

earrings made during our lost wax casting course





Work by Jane Harrison that incorporates rivets and printed sheet metal

Riveting is such a great jewellery making technique. I used it a lot when I was a student/recent graduate as it was a great way to avoid soldering!  I also loved the mechanical quality of rivets as opposed to the glueing type of technique that soldering is. And apparently rivets are one of the oldest types of fasteners and date back to the bronze age so they have a healthy provenance!

Riveting is a type of ‘cold-joining’ technique, so called because there is no torch involved (you do need a torch to anneal your rivet wire but no one ever mentions that!) Other types of cold joining used in jewellery are screws, tabs, knots and even bezels as the metal is worked cold over the gemstone. The process of riveting involves drilling matching holes in whatever it is that needs to be joined then sliding a rod or piece of wire through the holes and forming a head on either side to clamp the two pieces together.

Because there is no heat involved in making the connection, it is a perfect technique to use when making jewellery from materials that don’t solder such as: plastic, wood, aluminium, titanium, rubber, fabric, etc. They are also an excellent way to incorporate movement in a piece of jewellery and sometimes they’re good to use when you just want the decorative element that riveting gives.

So, if you’d like to learn how to rivet or even if you know how and you want to update and extend your jewellery making skills, our Upskilling: Riveting! course starts next week! It’s only two sessions for $175 on a Wednesday night and we have two big gas heaters to keep us warm (as well as endless cups of tea and anzac biscuits).

I will be the tutor of the course and we will be covering standard rivets, flush rivets, tube rivets, ball-headed rivets, extended rivets and others. Have a look below at some examples (click the images for source).


tube rivets use to make bails on pebble pendants by Ashley Akers

tube rivets use to make bails on pebble pendants by Ashley Akers

Earrings that use ball-headed rivets to incorporate movement by Rachael Sudlow

Earrings that use ball-headed rivets to incorporate movement by Rachael Sudlow


Iron Cuff by Janos Gabor Varga incorporates rivets to make the hinge as well as rivets as decorative elements

Iron Cuff by Janos Gabor Varga incorporates rivets to make the hinge as well as rivets as decorative elements


Work by Jane Harrison that incorporates rivets and printed sheet metal

Work by Jane Harrison that incorporates rivets and printed sheet metal


A ring joined with rivets

A ring joined with rivets


Work by Northcity4 artist Emma Grace using rivets

Work by Northcity4 artist Emma Grace using rivets


NC4 ’4′ MBWN

We may not make it to every gallery opening but we know where else to find wine . Moreland Women’s Business Network MBWN is a local networking group organised by the fab Elissa Grassa, Economic Development Officer for the City of Moreland.  This one actually had fellas as quarterly they are invited along to broaden networks and foster inclusivity. Held at East Elevation cafe and events space in Lygon St the wine and chocolate were top notch… Monsieur Truffle artisanal chocolatier is onsite!


Sensational name tag alignment from Katherine Bowman… crapola Caz Guiney and Anna Davern

Whilst spreading the word about contemporary jewellery  and Northcity4 jewellery classes and seminars we have met some great local business women. Toula from Your Smart Accounts is assisting us with our book keeping whilst Meg Steele runs workshops on assisting teachers to Prevent Burnout and Find Balance, check it out.

The next Moreland Business Women’s Network is on:  Wednesday  2 July ?6 pm – 7.30 pm

Moreland Civic Centre, Concert Hall?, 90 Bell Street Coburg (Car park and entry on Urquhart Street)

This is the blurb… Whether you are an established business woman, entrepreneur, just starting up or have an idea for a business then the Moreland Business Women’s Network (MBWN) will have something for you.

Remember to bring along your business cards, brochures and promotional material to display.

Bring a friend, colleague or client. The more the merrier.

Help spread the Word. Think you might know someone who would be interested in this? Why not share it?

To register for this event visit bizMoreland website. 




Lost Wax Casting course starting this Thursday

Our next Lost Wax Casting course starts this Thursday. Come along and learn some great wax working skills and walk away with some beautiful silver jewellery! This time around the course will be taught by Katherine Bowman and Kathryn Wardill. Both fabulous teachers and regular Northcity4 folk (KW also teaches our Upskilling: Stone Setting! course)

lost wax casting course

work by Lost Wax Casting teacher, Kathryn Wardill

Lost Wax Casting course

Work by Lost Wax Casting teacher Katherine Bowman

Students learn the fundamentals of the casting process as well as how to outsource to jewellery businesses in order to create your own unique jewellery pieces. Students will be introduced to a range of wax working techniques, as well as very simple metal finishing processes in order to be able to create their own jewellery.

No jewellery making experience is necessary and there is an extra cost for cast silver items.

Check out some of the work by our previous students:

a bangle made during our lost wax casting course

a bangle made during our lost wax casting course

a bangle made during our lost wax casting course

a bangle made during our lost wax casting course

earrings and a ring made during our lost wax casting course

earrings and a ring made during our lost wax casting course

earrings made during our lost wax casting course

earrings made during our lost wax casting course



Northcity4 monthly lunch

Tomato Soup with cream, pesto and just-baked sourdough casalinga from Natural Tucker? Yes please!

soup copy

Flourless upside down pear cake with pomegranate seeds? Yes please!


Chocolate coated strawberries? Yes please!


The soup and cake came courtesy of Ali Limb and the chocolate coated strawberries were a goodbye present from Bianca Librandi. It was a lovely lunch to farewell Bianca and welcome Jana to the Project Space and we were joined by Amanda Verschuren, an artist friend of Inari’s visiting from WA.

tomato soup monthly lunch

Ali dishing out the soup

monthly lunch guests

lunch guests L-R Amanda, Inari, Jana, Cass, Ali and Emma

monthly lunch project space

L-R Jana, Bianca and Ali

cake monthly lunch

upside down pear cake with pomegranate seeds

Guest Post by Project Space artist Bianca Librandi

We really are very sad to be saying goodbye to Bianca Librandi at the end of this month. Her six month tenancy in the Project Space has come to an end and we invited her to share her experiences with you here. Don’t forget, this means that there is a vacancy coming up in the Project Space in June and we invite you to apply. It sounds like Bianca has had a fantastic experience and you could too.


Bianca at her bench in the Project Space

How the last 6 months has flown by! I’m very sad to say my time at Northcity4 is coming to an end this week. It has by far been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my jewellery career. I am so grateful to have been surrounded by the most talented and creative contemporary jewelers in Melbourne. Not only are they super talented but they all are so warm and really share a feeling of community in the space, whether it be through casual conversations or through monthly lunchtime catch ups.

Bianca's bench in the project Space

Bianca’s bench in the project Space

In my time at Northcity4 I produced and refined my production range “Celestial Spheres” for my label White November. I was lucky enough to participate in The Big Design Market in December last year and now regularly partake in design and craft markets all over Melbourne and Sydney. Being able to show and talk about my work to the other artist was an invaluable experience.


White November stall at the Big Design Market

White November stall at the Big Design Market

White November stall at the Big Design Market

I was lucky enough to participate in one of the Sublimation Workshops offered by Northcity4 and taught by Anna Davern. I really enjoy this class and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining new skills. The class was run seamlessly and I was always busy. The possibilities were endless and I really had fun with it.

photo 2-1

Bianca’s sublimation samples

photo 3

Bianca’s sublimation samples

photo 1

Bianca’s sublimation samples

Just like to say a big thank you to all the amazing people (and poodle Humphrey) who run and work within Northcity4! I’m sure connections and friendships I have formed over the past 6 months will continue to blossom. x

photo 2

Plants in the Northcity4 space

photo 1-1

Humphrey will miss you too Bianca!

Stone Setting course starts next week!

_ slide show upskilling stone setting

Our next stone setting course starts on Wednesday 4th June.

Continue to build on your jewellery making skills and gain additional experience in a range of techniques; suitable for continuing students and those with some jewellery experience. You will learn how to create a piece of jewellery incorporating a simple bezel to set a cabachon cut gemstone or found object. You can choose to make a ring, pendant or earrings.

Stone setting runs for three classes and will be followed by the two week riveting course.

Your teacher will be the wonderful Melbourne jeweller, Kathryn Wardill.


Project Space Availability

project space 3up storyboard with text

We are very sad to soon be saying goodbye to Bianca Librandi. Bianca has been in the Project Space since late last year and has been a fantastic asset to the Northcity4 community.

This is good news for you though because it means that from mid June there will be a bench in the Project Space available for a maximum of six months for you to Make Jewellery! Our Project Space provides a great opportunity for you to work on a grant outcome, postgraduate study, transition from study to studio, mentorship, internship or artist in residence (interstate or international). And you get to be a part of the fantastic Northcity4 community.

Applications are due on Friday 6th June to start working in the studio mid-late June.

Rental $50 per week (price includes GST and utilities such as electricity and water).

Project Space tenants have the following facilities available to them:
• Access 24 hours/day
• Use of shared equipment
• a jewellery bench and small storage unit
• Art & Sustainable resource library
• Communal area for research, meals and conversation
• Kitchen
• Private office space for client consultations & meetings

Project space tenants must supply their own hand tools.