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At NC4 we also offer access space for artists wanting to rent space and use the fully equiped Northcity4 workshop for a day or half day.

Rental $60 per day (9.30am-5.30pm Mon – Fri) or $40 for half-day (any four hour block during those hours). Unfortunately we cannot offer access space on the weekends.
Price includes GST and utilities such as gas (not bottled), electricity and water.
Access tenants supply their own hand tools, drill bits, sawblades, emery sticks, etc.
Access tenants are covered by Northcity4’s public liability but NC4 can take no responsibility for access tenants’ equipment and belongings.

Access tenants have the following facilities available to them:
• Use of shared equipment (flexible drive, rolling mills, draw bench, drill press, band saw (not metal), polishing motor, oxy/lpg torch set up and pickle and other sundry equipment).
• Art & Sustainable resource library
• Communal area for research, meals and conversation
• Kitchen
• Workshop wet area
• Private office space for client consultations & meetings

Northcity4 promotes sharing skills, community and sustainability, the studios also share the warehouse with an exciting teaching program running a range of classes for small groups.

To book time in the access space, please contact us at Northcity4 on (03) 9380 6647 or email info@northcity4.com


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